AI Dialing Features

Build your business by leveraging amazing features

Monitoring in real-time

Monitor your agent's call in real time. You can see the specific areas in which agents require training. Locate and fix customer problems when they occur.


Call directly using just a single click on the website and connect to your client. Contact leads faster and reduces the chance of making mistakes.

Call to report

You can view data according to the needs related to your business. Analyze the performance to work remotely to monitor their work by interfacing.

IVR (Interactive voice response)

Support your customer by establishing an interoperable voice-response menu that lets them go in the desired direction by pressing their desired number.

Call analytics

Review call metrics, such as call volume, waiting time, average call handling, and so on. Keep track of all these KPIs remotely to enhance agents' performance and efficiency.


The incoming calls should be directed to the appropriate department and provide excellent customer service. Enhance customer service and turn the leads into sales.

Easy to set up

The process of setting up your virtual contact center is simple and doesn't require to purchase of any equipment. An internet connection with a good speed and a pair of headsets is enough to generate sales.


Connect to your sales tool of choice, and then analyze the call history to enhance customer service. Make use of this information to analyze further.

Call Management

Control outbound and inbound calls remotely in an efficient method. Take advantage of the crucial call after business hours; connect anytime, anywhere.

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