Outbound Call Center Software Features

High Quality Features

Improve customer service

Software for outbound calls can improve client service by connecting customers' calls at the right moment with the right person. A higher satisfaction rate and a greater engagement with more customers in the long term. In-depth information about your company's offerings and entice customers to sign up.

The rate of sales increase

Automated outbound dialing increases the rate of sales. Reducing manual dialing and saving time. Automatically dialing dials dials more numbers with less time and helps you find potential customers. Transform leads into sales however you'd like with AsDialer outbound software for call centers that allows efficient dialing.

Enhance agent efficiency

Reduce the agent's idle time and increase their time talking. They are focused on expanding their business quickly. The agent is more efficient in resolving difficult customer issues. Please set up a list of customer phone numbers and dial them automatically to increase agents' efficiency.

Predictive dialer

Automatically dials the number to the list of pre-defined numbers. Make more calls and save time calling numbers that are answered.


Directly dial calls from the browser for the desired customer. Make your life easier with this fantastic one-click dialing option.

Auto dialer

Reduce downtime and improve agent efficiency by using auto-dialing. It dials an enormous amount of leads and helps save agents time.

Power dialing

Automate outbound calls using the power dialer program and discover more leads. Automatically dial numbers one after the next.

Call disposition

Find out the context of each call using this AsDialer Call Disposition feature. Get the relevant information of the customer to ensure smooth follow-ups.

Progressive dialer

Progressive dialers allow you to look up information about the caller before making the calls. The agent is given a certain period to review the information.

Monitor calls

You can get a comprehensive view of your callers whenever you need. Enhance your customer interaction and keep track of your calls in real time.

DNC management

Include the numbers that are annoying to your don't call lists, and avoid spending time talking with irritable customers. Contact leads who are qualified.

CTI (Computer telephony integration)

Learn to recognize the issues of your customers and address the issue as fast as possible by establishing direct communication.

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