Inbound Call Center Software Features

High Quality Features

Call Recording

Record your call in an automated way using AsDialer inbound software for call centers. It is possible to listen to your call right through your browser anytime. It can be heard anytime and anywhere.

Call Back

If a call is lost or missed, make the call again. Callbacks increase customer's interest and ensure the connection between customer and agent is solid. By using this feature, customers won't have to wait in a long line.

IVR (Interactive voice response)

Direct customers to the right department by recording a pre-recorded message of various menus. Make this message to guide your customers to the appropriate department. Customers are provided with relevant information when pressing the desired number.

Call queuing

Inbound calls are saved inside the queue until all agents are on call. Prioritize each call based on pre-determined rules to determine which calls are answered first. It helps reduce customer frustration and waiting time.

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

Teams are dispersing the inbound calls effectively to the appropriate department to enhance customers' experience.ACD is the initial step of the inbound call center solution to increase the number of customers who call.

Skill-based routing

Improve customer service by directing calls to the most experienced agent who is an expert in their area. Therefore, consider and address your customer's issue effectively when using this routing procedure.

Analytics and reports

All information is presented in a complete and usable form. Monitor this data or track call duration, total number of calls, incoming and unanswered calls, and the call queue duration. AsDialer inbound call center software allows you to analyze your data and adjust strategies as needed.

Call forwarding

The call center that receives inbound calls receives an influx of calls and forwards them to the best equipped to handle the call. Forwarding calls to help improve the call flow smoothly, less frequently, and lower the percentage of calls that are not answered.

Monitoring of calls

Find out the root of problems quickly and thoroughly. Find issues quickly and efficiently using The AsDialer phone monitoring function. Examine all statistics and keep the company's standards. Also, identify opportunities for improvements and training requirements for agents.

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