High Quality Features

Easy to configure

The configuration of the click-on call is simple and simple. Select the desired place to activate the dial pad. This feature allows you to block numbers from certain websites.

No need to type the number

If you're looking to talk with agents, you can click here to type in a phone number or enter a. Enhance efficiency, prevent human errors, and accelerate the process of calling back.

Call from your browser to any.

There is no limit to the number of times you can use any number in your browser. Profit from web traffic and connect with people.

Easy to use

Click-to-call extension removes the need to dial manually and gives customers convenience.

Quick call facility

Customers can hit the pop-up link anytime to connect with an individual representative.

Click-to-call using CRM

Click-to-call is a great option for support and sales teams using a CRM. With just one click, an integrated dialer makes an outbound call. Log calls automatically, run by calling lists, remove pre-recorded voicemails, and numerous other features. This ability to click minimizes mistakes and also saves time.

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