Auto Dialer Features

High Quality Features

Automated Solution

ASDialer Auto Dialer software conveniently manages everything automatically. It auto-manages dialing, campaign, sales, and results, thus preventing wasted time and energy over manual work while streamlining the dialing process.

Cost Effective

Auto dialer is the most economical solution for dialing and voicemail broadcasting at a large scale. It requires no equipment installation, contract, or annual subscription. Pay only for what you use with our Pay-as-you-go pricing.

Maximum Productivity

Auto dialer provides fast dialing and is a convenient solution that manages multiple campaigns effortlessly. It properly utilizes the agent's idle time and provides unlimited dedicated leads for sales conversion.

Live Transfers To Agent

Auto Dialer software dials unlimited numbers and only transfers calls answered by prospects to the agent. It perfectly utilizes the agent's time and provides more sales opportunities.

DNC List

Autodial Software ensures the safety and compliance of your campaigns. You can add restricted numbers to the DNC feature of the auto dialer to avoid calling or broadcasting messages to numbers included in the DNC list.

On-time Statistics and Results

It auto-generates on-time statistics, results, and analysis. It’s highly valuable for performance measurement and decision-making. With these helpful features, you can get accurate campaign results conveniently.

Press-1 Campaign

Get dedicated leads and customer response through the Press-1 campaign. It is a keypad-based response prompt for your target audience. The audience can call back or respond by pressing through several options incorporated through the Press-1 campaign.

Auto Redial

The Auto Dialer is integrated with a smart redial feature that saves unanswered numbers and can redial automatically or through a schedule.

Local Caller ID

Local Caller IDs can also be provided with the Dialer360 Auto Dialers. This feature helps you make multiple calls to people with their respective area codes, thus creating a trustable and strong connection with the prospect.

Auto Recording And Monitoring

The dialer records and monitors live calls, which helps in training, quality, and compliance.

Text To Speech

You can broadcast pre-recorded voicemail through Robo Dialer or use the text-to-speech feature to broadcast your message through a system-generated voice.


The dialer allows you to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. You can cover a large audience in a short time with multi-tenant architecture.

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