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Software for call centers

ASDialer is a contact center software that is the best solution for managing both inbound and outbound call center operations.

The purpose of call center software is to help businesses manage customer communication over phone, email, live chat, instant messaging, SMS text, and social media.

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What distinguishes AsDialer from other companies?

24/7 customer support

Our support team is there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our experts are there to assist you with any issue you may encounter. We have years of experience working in the software for call centers business and provide a great customer experience.

Protection of your data

Secure your data using strong security. Nobody can gain access to your server access without confirmation. A specific IP and secret keywords are needed to gain access. Your data is secure because only you can verify this, and nobody else can steal your information.

Reduce the cost

Improve your sales rate and reduce the expense to boost your output. Improve your business' efficiency and reliability using our cost-effective call center software. Our top company in town offers the highest quality calling center solutions.

Voice broadcast dialer

You can broadcast the message you want to convey to various people without interference. It is possible to create a pre-recorded message.

Auto dialer

Naturally, notify the manager whenever the lead list reaches its limit and plan outbound call actions accordingly. Fantastic software.


Select the dialer mode according to the needs that your marketing campaign requires. Outbound sales campaigns are more effective with the efficiency of agents.


Our one-click Computer telephone integration makes it simple for your agents to understand the request quickly and to provide professional quality and knowledgeable communications.

Power dialer

Let your agent become more productive by decreasing their idle time. Get rid of the busy ones and shift to the next number automatically, which improves efficiency.

Progressive dialing

Progressive dialing using ASDialer will provide a more intelligent customer experience. Integrating CRM with AsDialer makes it possible to increase the quality of your service by accessing.

Call record

Record calls and ensure that employees provide the best customer service, or not. It allows you to analyze the details of each call in the hundreds of calls and helps determine the customer's needs.

Call to report

The collection and analysis of all customer information to gain important information. Enhance your sales conversion with this feature. Create reports that organize your data and make it easily understood by your team.

Call queuing

Call queueing will route the call to the intelligent queue if the agents are busy. Give priority to the first answered call based on their number or custom business rules.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding redirects calls to the correct person. The customer receives the correct information and is pleased. You can simplify your incoming calls and cut down on lost calls. Make your company more visible by using this feature.

DID and toll-free

Access toll-free numbers for various countries and increase the number of agents. With Dialer360, you can connect international numbers anywhere inside the United States. Therefore, you can leave your office to enhance your customers' experience.

Business_Goal Business_Goal


Work on call transfer with collaboration.


Ability to transfer calls that contain details of the customer to a different. Transfer live calls to the person who provides the precise answers the customer wants. Transfer the call to the right department or person to enhance customers' experience. Maximize the value of your customer experience by infusing valuable insights into every interaction with customers.


Call Centers with different types


The call center inbound receives customer calls who want to know more about your product or services. Inbound call center software provides the most effective IVR and superior call center routing to increase the initial call resolution. It is essential to have inbound software for call centers to receive the calls and route them to the correct individual for a more intelligent customer experience.


Get customers to engage with you through channels they are comfortable with. Create more successful campaigns by importing the phone numbers into the outbound dialer software. Let the customer's concerns be easily addressed by providing the correct information at the appropriate time via the appropriate channel. ASDialer's outbound software for call centers is ideal for increasing sales. It is compatible with CRM and can help you have more calls. Manage campaigns on a single platform to improve the agent's efficiency and increase revenue.


A virtual call center in which agents take calls, but from a different central location. They're in various locations, whether at home or in the office. However, they are connected through the virtual phone center application. It is cheaper to have an office centrally located and have employees work during a flexible schedule. Additionally, agents assist customers in different time zones and only require a broadband connection and headphones.

Software for call Centers Features

High Quality Features

Predictive dialer

The cloud-based ASDialer prescriptive dialing has significantly improved the effectiveness of leads and sales outbound campaigns.


Send your calls to the most appropriate department effectively. With a variety of routing options, including skilled-based routing and preferred routing for agents.

Skill-based routing

Skill-based routing is an ever-changing method that can optimize your business. The client receives the correct agent using ASDialer's skill-based routing.


Customers aren't waiting around. They expect support 24/7. Interactive voice response eases agents' workload and allows customers to reach them when they need help.

Call Monitoring

ASDialer software for call centers allows you to monitor the performance of agents to ensure that high standards are met. Monitoring in real-time and controlling live calls through our software for managing call centers.

Adjust Call Pacing

You can dial multiple numbers at different speeds by adjusting the call pacing rate of your dialer so you can control your time and the customer simultaneously.

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